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Invisible Playground is a network of six reflective practitioners working at the intersection of play and urban society – as game designers, artists, urbanists, curators, author, musician, scenographers and in many other roles.


Invisible Playground members are: Jennifer Aksu, Christiane Hütter, Daniel Boy, Josa Gerhard, Anna Hentschel, and Sebastian Quack.

Invisible Playground members realize projects in agile, independent constellations, cooperating with a broad range of artists, designers, technologists, municipalities, cultural and academic institutions and civic society initiatives. The network serves as infrastructure for reviewing our practice and exchanging methods and knowledge.

For more than 10 years, a continuously growing, wider network has formed around the six members of Invisible Playground: artistic, academic, political, but also organisational and business expertises are connected and rearranged in ever surprising ways.


For cooperation requests please get in touch directly with the members of the network. To the right you will find an overview of members and their respective fields. Click on a member for more information and an overview of their work.

General questions about the network can be asked at

Looking forward to hearing from you!





Invisible Playground emerged in 2009 from a series of artistic collaborations between Sebastian Quack, Daniel Boy and Josa Gerhard. With Jennifer Aksu, Viktor Bedö (member until 2013), Anna Hentschel and Christiane Hütter, the group formed into an integrated collective that realized ground breaking projects, such as Playpublik, the international urban games festival; Field Office, a traveling lab for site-specific game design; multi-week city-wide games such as Spreezone and Ruhrzilla; the documentary format Museum of Minor Incidents and the World Championship of gameful Architecture 72 Hour Interactions.

From 2017 onwards, Invisible Playground is organized as a cooperative network of experts with individual focus. Projects are developed, financed and realized in independent project teams. Watch out for the warning label "may contain traces of Invisible Playground".