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How we make games

Our games in public spaces explore a gray area between game design and participatory art. By referencing playful traditions like video games and sports, we connect to something known and remix it to something new and one-of-a-kind.

Our games are post-digital. They use thechnology, but know of the power of bodies in shared spaces and at a specific site. By creating games that make stories and histories of places and very different people playable, we aspire to contribute to the development of play as a cultural technique and an art. 


The utility of games has become mainstream knowledge through buzzwords like "gamification". But a sense for the potentials of play that go beyond the training of effective workers, happy consumers and obediant citizens isn't common. Playing is a vastly diverse cultural activity with an amazing history. To fight for and preserve play spaces in the routines of a highly structured everyday is more important than ever. In play, we can rethink systems, question policies, and test the way we relate to each other.

An understanding for playful systems and the processes of transforming them is a form of knowledge that can be transfered to many areas of life and society. By involving players into the design process of our games, we invite them to co-create the world in which we live together.