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Christiane Hütter

game designer, writer, psychologist. // social fiction/ citizen science/ urban participation

Christiane Hütter (Frau Hue) works with systems: How to explore, question and redesign them with artistic and game design means- using social cooperation. She studied scriptwriting and holds a diploma in psychology. After writing a crime movie “Tatort”, working for the future institut and being lead concepter of the Climate Media Factory, she has been designing games and playful events since 2010.

Playful settings enable unexpected changes: Neighbourhoods that get in contact with each other, scientists from different disciplines suddenly talk to each other, complexity becomes more accessible and cities more colourful. Playing together can build bridges between art, science, politics and the general public. Playful situation design motivates and enables people to take part. To really participate: In politics, in citizen science, in conference conversations, in art and theatre projects, in meaningful play-informed discourse.

She often works site specific and process oriented, collaboratively or with means of co-creation. She loves implementing play where there is not enough, yet. In public space, political systems, conferences, the construction of memorials, even funerals. There is no topic that does not suit play. The question is just: How.

Christiane Hütter teaches regularly and gives advice to institutions.

She lives in Berlin and is waiting for the TARDIS.

More projects/residencies: